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#71  Mar 21, 2014    email version


Cases on length of service calculation and job transfer compensation


For veterans whose job has been arranged by the people's government, their length of active military service and the period for them to wait for job arrangement that is up to provisions of this Ordinance can be incorporated into their length of service calculation and they can enjoy the same remunerations and benefits as the other employees of the same conditions in the unit for the period hereof

  • 如果系组织调动,是否需要支付经济补偿?
  • For Organizational Transfer, Does Company Need to Pay Economic Compensation?
  • 最高院并没有将组织调动简单认定为“被安排”,同样也说明了不能凭组织调动判断是否应当工龄续认,更不能凭组织调动确认新用人单位应当支付经济补偿。
  • It can be seen that the Supreme People's Court does not simply identify organizational transfer as "being arranged", meaning that organizational transfer alone is not sufficient to determine the continued calculation of length of service, or to determine that the new employing unit should pay economic compensation.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京市公积金贷款额度减少

    The credit line on housing provident fund in Beijing is reduced


    From April 1st, Beijing Housing Provident Fund Center will audit the credit line based on the latest minimum wage standard of Beijing. The basic living cost, an indicator determining the credit line on housing provident fund, will be increased on the ground of the new standard, and the credit line of some citizens will be decreased.

  • 上海:工伤鉴定办法4月1日实施

    Shanghai: the regulation on evaluation of work-related injury will be implemented as of April 1st


    The Regulation on Evaluation of Labor Capacity of Employee Suffering from Work-Related Injury of Shanghai was promulgated recently, and will be implemented as of April 1st. The Regulation stipulates that those employees who obtain false evaluation results by virtue of fraud, forged certification or other means and gain the benefits of work-related injury insurance shall, as requested by the social security department, reimburse all such benefits and be fined 2 to 5 times of the cheated amount.

  • 深圳:地方补充养老保险计发将与缴费水平挂钩

    Shenzhen: calculation and issuance of local supplementary endowment insurance benefits will be linked with the level of contribution


    According to Shenzhen Social Security Bureau, the policy concerning local supplementary endowment insurance has been adjusted. Calculation and issuance of its benefits are linked with the level of personal contribution for the first time, reflecting the principle of equality, fairness and incentive in respect of social endowment insurance.

  • 北京:医保账户拟取消自由支取

    Beijing: unrestricted withdrawal from medical insurance account will be prohibited


    Mr. Yang Xiaochao, Deputy Mayor of Beijing, says that Beijing will carry out closed-off management of individual medical insurance account at the end of this year, which means the money in it can only be used for the purpose of medical treatment in the future.

  • 广州:企业自评高技能人才 人社部门可发资格证

    Guangzhou: human resources and social security department may issue certificate to the highly-skilled talent appraised by enterprise itself


    Qualified Guangzhou-based enterprise may perform evaluation of work performance and examination of professional capability for those highly-skilled employees now, after which, human resources and social security department will audit the results and issue relevant certificates to them. The convenience resulting from enterprise's self-evaluation and the new policies regarding residential registration will attract more highly-skilled talents to Guangzhou.

  • 144.48万


    According to the 2014 inter-ministerial liaison conference on overseas student's returning to work, by the end of 2013, there were altogether 1.4448 million returned overseas students in our nation.

  • 45.2


    Zhilian Recruitment released an on-line statistics recently, showing that the supply-demand index of talents is 45.2 after the Spring Festival of 2014, which means 45.2 resumes are proposed averagely for each post in our nation.

  • 87.5%


    According to a survey report of Taihe Consulting, a HR management consultancy, during the recruitment process in 2014, 87.5% of companies will pay more attention to candidate's "competence risk". And 57.8% and 46.9% will focus more on "legal risk" and "occupational risk".

  • 7214


    Recently, a major domestic recruitment website released a ranking list of white collar worker's average salary. Shanghai's average salary of 7214 yuan ranks the first, exceeding Beijing (6947 yuan, the second) by around 300 yuan. Shenzhen's average salary is 6819 yuan, ranking the third.

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