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Issues Related to Contract Renewal


What should be noted for contract renewal? In practice, how should "whether to consent renewal" be defined? Must conditions of the original contract be maintained when the labor contract is renewed, especially when the renewed contract is a non-fixed term labor contract?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 应届高校毕业生72分可落沪

    This year's university graduate may get residence registration in Shanghai when attaining 72 points


    According to the newly-released Notice on Employment of This Year's Non-Shanghai University Graduate in Shanghai in 2014, employer shall not, when concluding employment agreement with university graduate, incorporate certain provisions into agreement such as "canceling employment agreement if university graduate fails to fulfill residence registration". It also points out that the standard for non-Shanghai university graduate to work in Shanghai is 72 points.

  • 《广东省企业集体合同条例(修订草案)》提交审议

    Regulation of Collective Contract of Guangdong-Based Enterprise (revised draft) has been submitted for examination and discussion


    Regulation of Collective Contract of Guangdong-Based Enterprise (revised draft) has been formally submitted to the Standing Committee of Provincial People's Congress for examination and discussion. This revised draft proposes that salary may be increased or decreased, and also specifies seven parts of contents for salary negotiation, seven parts of contents for collective negotiation, as well as four prohibited acts during negotiation.

  • 广州拟暂停住房公积金二次贷款

    Guangzhou plans to suspend second loan on housing provident fund


    The exposure draft of the Implementation Rules of Guangzhou's Individual Housing Loan on Housing Provident Loan was released recently. This draft stipulates that housing provident fund will not be available to non-residential house, low-density commercial house or the purchaser that has used such fund.

  • 上海执行新的失业保险金支付标准

    Shanghai implements its new standard of unemployment insurance benefits


    From April 1st, Shanghai begins to implement its new standard of unemployment insurance benefits. Specific amount will be calculated and differentiated based on the total payment years, the age of the unemployed and the time of issuance.

  • 香港特区政府建议在职父亲可享受3天带薪陪产假

    The government of HKSAR suggested incumbent fathers may enjoy a paid 3-day paternity leave


    Recently, the government of HKSAR submitted to the Legislative Council a revised draft of employment regulation, suggesting that incumbent fathers in Hong Kong may, in the 4th week prior to or 10th week after childbirth, apply for a paid 3-day paternity leave in 1 time or 3 times, for which 80% of salary will be paid.

  • 1820


    From April 1st, Shanghai's minimum monthly salary standard is adjusted from 1620 yuan to 1820 yuan, increasing by 200 yuan, and the minimum hourly rate is adjusted from 14 yuan to 17 yuan.

  • 4.66%


    According to the data announced by the Index Academy of National Financial Information Center of the Xinhua New Agency, in 2013, the remuneration of ordinary employees in15 major cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou were increased by 4.66% year on year, and the number of employees increased by 3.49% year on year.

  • 61.69%


    Chitone, a HR recruitment website, recently published its latest results of survey, showing that, in the peak season of recruitment, 61.69% of enterprises indicate shortage of technical talents. The hot-spot technical posts mainly lie in engineering technology, e-commerce network, technical R&D, and legal/tariff area.

  • 3019

    广州从2014年1月起调整该市城镇企业职工基本养老金,调整后,广州市企业退休人员人均养老金达到 3019元/月。

    From Jan. 2014, Guangzhou adjusted the basic pension of urban enterprise employees, which reached 3019 yuan/month averagely after adjustment.

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