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#77  May 09, 2014    email version


On Sick Leaves of Employees in Probation Period


The employing unit can effectively cope with such cases in two ways: negotiation or enhanced appraisal.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人保部:雇用一名失业者企业最高减税5200

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Enterprise Can Enjoy a Tax Cut up to RMB 5200 for Employment of Each Unemployed


    Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly released the tax policy to support entrepreneurship and employment in the following three years on the 29th. In terms of boosting employment, the policy regulates that enterprises can enjoy a tax cut up to RMB 5200 each year if it hires a person that has been registered for being unemployed for over a year.

  • 广东住房改革公积金将可付首付

    Guangdong Housing Provident Fund May Be Used for Down Payment after Reform


    Guangdong Provincial Housing and Construction Department recently released the Opinions for the Implementation of Further Reforming the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of Guangdong, expressly stating to "promote the use of housing provident fund in down payment and rent payment". This initiative will be implemented prior to 2020.

  • 北京:医保个人账户封闭后可在药店刷卡购药

    Beijing: Medical Insurance Personal Account Can Still Be Used to Purchase Drugs at Drug Stores upon Being Closed


    From the end of this year onwards, Beijing will manage medical insurance personal accounts in a closed manner. Chen Bei, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, recently said that even after the personal account was closed, the money in the account can be used to settle medical expenses of self-paid part at designated hospitals, or to buy drugs at designated drug stores.

  • 上海:试用期间到手月工资不得低于最低工资1820元

    Shanghai: Monthly Take-home Pay during Probation Period Shall Not Be Lower Than the Minimum Wage RMB 1820


    Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently posted in the form of case analysis on its official Weibo that, the monthly take-home pay during the probation period shall not be lower than the minimum wage RMB 1820, which shall exclude overtime pay, commuting transportation subsidies, etc.

  • 广州拟规定积分入户需5险累计缴满4年

    Guangdong Proposes at least 4 Years of Cumulative Contribution for the Five Social Insurances to Apply for Points-based Residence Register


    Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission is soliciting public opinion on the Management Regulations of Points-based Residence Register (Hukou) in Guangzhou. The exposure draft points out that those who have been contributing the five social insurances in Guangdong for cumulatively more than 4 years are entitled to apply for points-based residence register.

  • 88.6%


    51job recently released the Survey on Employer Recruitment Willingness in Q2 2014. According to the report, 88.6% of the surveyed say that they will recruit more employees in Q2 compared with same period last year.

  • 3050


    Currently, 28 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and autonomous regions in China have successively introduced adjustment programs of old-age pension for enterprise retirees. Among all these programs, the per capita monthly old-age pension for enterprise retirees in Beijing will reach RMB 3050, topping all others.

  • 35.4%


    A survey recently conducted by Shanghai Bureau of Statistics on 1047 enterprises in Shanghai shows that in Q1, 35.4% of the surveyed enterprises have encountered "recruitment difficulty". The problem is especially prominent among accommodation, catering, and industrial enterprises.

  • 17134


    A recent survey conducted by HR management firm Universum shows that, same as their mainland counterparts, Hong Kong college students have also lowered their requirement on expected monthly salary after graduation to HK$ 17134 (about RMB 13775), approximately two times of that of their mainland counterparts (average RMB 6564).

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