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#79  May 23, 2014    email version


What treatments are entitled by employees who have been diagnosed with occupational disease?


Where the illness of an employee is diagnosed as occupational disease, and the employing unit has not contributed work-related injury insurance as required by law, the employee's expenses for medical treatment and source of income shall be borne by the final employing unit.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院:小微企业招用毕业生补贴一年社保

    State Council: Small and micro enterprises will be subsidized a year's social security contribution when recruiting university graduates

    国务院办公厅近日印发《关于做好2014年全国普通高等学校毕业生就业创业工作的通知》, 对小型微型企业新招用毕业年度高校毕业生,签订1年以上劳动合同并按时足额缴纳社会保险费的,给予1年的社会保险补贴,政策执行期限截至2015年年底。

    The General Office of the State Council recently released a Notice on Employment and Entrepreneurship of University Graduates in 2014, specifying that the small and micro enterprises which recruit current year's graduates, conclude labor contract of more than 1 year with them ,and fully and timely pay social security contribution for them will be subsidized a year's social security contribution. This policy will be implemented until the end of 2015.

  • 收入分配改革部际联席会议获批

    The inter-ministerial conference on the reform of income distribution is approved


    As per the news from the website of the Central People's Government, the State Council recently gave an official reply, approving the system of inter-ministerial conference on furthering the reform of income distribution led by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The conference is composed of 21 departments and units such as SCOPSR, NDRC, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security etc.

  • 7月起事业单位人员要交养老保险

    Employee of public institution will pay endowment insurance premium from July

    国务院发布《事业单位人事管理条例》 ,其中明确, 事业单位及其工作人员依法参加社会保险,工作人员依法享受社会保险待遇。事业单位工作人员符合国家规定退休条件的,应当退休。

    The State Council has released the Regulation on HR Management of Public Institution, stating that public institution and its employee shall participate in the social security system and enjoy the benefit of social security by operation of law. Employee of public institution who is in compliance with the state retirement conditions shall retire.

  • 明年广州就医可即时结算

    Medical treatment in Guangzhou may be settled immediately from the next year


    The government of Guangzhou publishes the General Plan and Supportive Sub-Plans for Improving and Renovating Guangzhou's Social Security System, specifying that the medical treatment expenses incurred in Guangdong Province and Pan-Pearl River Delta will be settled immediately in 2015.

  • 广州:工伤保险费率分三类缴交

    Guangzhou: the premium of work-related injury insurance will be paid based on three rates

    《广州市工伤保险若干规定(征求意见稿)》近日正式出台,规定明确,广州市将对参保人按所在行业的工伤发生危险程度进行分类参保,一共分三类,最低一类缴费费率为0 .5%,最高为三类行业缴费费率为1.5%。

    The Regulation of Work-Related Injury Insurance of Guangzhou (exposure draft) was released recently, stipulating that Guangzhou will classify the industries of the insured into three types based on the possibility of work-related injury. The lowest rate of premium is 0.5%, and the highest (3rd type of industries) is 1.5%.

  • 6.9%


    Towers Watson, a consulting firm, recently formulated a Report on Budget Planning of Remuneration of Asian-Pacific Region in 2013-2014, estimating that the average increase of remuneration in this region in 2014 will reach 6.9%. Deducting the inflation rate, China's increase (5.2%) leads the region, whereas Japan fails to realize any increase.

  • 90%


    51job.com made a survey of employment of overseas student, finding that UK, Japan, US and Australia have become the countries having the largest number of students studying overseas. Among these surveyed students, around 90% have returned or intend to return to China.

  • 95%


    The total number of the university graduates in our nation will reach 7.27 million in 2014, hitting a record high in the history. However, the demand for skilled talents in our society is becoming larger. According to related statistics, as of 2006, the rate of employment of vocational schools has remained above 95%.

  • 12万


    On the basis of the calculation of Hong Kong labor force, Hong Kong Labor and Welfare Bureau finds that the number of Hong Kong's labor population will reach 3.67 million in 2022, but its growth will lag behind the demand for manpower in the same period. In 2022, Hong Kong's demand for manpower will be 3.79 million, lacking 120 thousand.

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