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#8  Nov 30, 2012    email version


Tips on Layoffs


Is “payment in lieu of notice” a substitute for “issuing a statement to the trade union or to all employees with thirty days’ prior notice”? Is the standard for severance payment of layoffs “N” or “N+1”? Which clause shall be applied when major changes occur in the objective circumstances, layoffs or employment contract termination?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 劳动合同法修正案或将于明年7月实施

    Amendment to Labor Contract Law to be Implemented from Next July


    News from the Fourth Central China Human Capital Forum indicates that Amendment to Labor Contract Law (Draft) will be submitted to the standing committee of NPC for approval in late December. It is possible for this amended law to be implemented from July 1st of next year.

  • 人社部:生育保险费或减半

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Premium for Maternity Insurance Halved


    Implementation Method for Maternity Insurance (Exposure Draft ) unveiled by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has made it explicitly that, maternity insurance will not be limited to local enterprises employees in urban areas but also covers employees of different kinds. Meanwhile, shall enterprises fail to contribute maternity insurance premium for their employees, their child-bearing cost shall be shouldered by employer. The Method also advances that maternity insurance premium will be cut down by half.

  • 员工职业健康检查费拟强制单位承担

    Occupational Health Examination Fee to be Borne by Employer in a Compulsory Way


    Ministry of Health recently unveils Occupational Health Management Method (Exposure Draft) and embarks on the stage of public opinion soliciting. The exposure draft has indicated that, occupational health check-up costs before, or during, the employer’s appointment, or in departure process, or in emergency shall be addressed by the employer.

  • 2650


    Member of Shenzhen CPC Standing Committee and Minister of United Front, Zhang Siping has expressed during his presence in the 10th China Reform Forum that, according to planning, the minimum wage in Shenzhen can reach 2650 Yuan by 2015.

  • 11%


    According to the results from Administration of Statistics in HK in 2011, the remuneration expenses among all industries have been elevated by 11% than the figure in 2010.

  • 75%

    “2012 中国企业经营者问卷跟踪调查报告”称,在“当前企业经营发展中遇到的最主要困难”的选项中,选择“人工成本上升”的企业经营者占75%,连续三年排在所有选项的第一位。

    2012 Chinese Enterprises Operators Questionnaire’s Follow-up Report declares that, among the option answers to the question of the major difficulty in enterprise operation in recent days, 75% of the operators choose increase of labor cost, ranking among the first of all reasons for three years in a row.

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