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#80  May 30, 2014    email version


Risk control of transfer from dispatchment to direct employment


In the process of a direct employment transfer, the accepting unit needs to have effective communication with the labor dispatching company and with the dispatched laborer, in order to reach an agreement.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院:进一步给企业松绑

    State Council: give enterprise more space and freedom


    Recently, the State Council approved and forwarded the Opinions on Key Tasks of Deepening Reform of Economic System in 2014 issued by National Development and Reform Commission. The Opinions required that the administrative examination and approval procedures which have obvious influence and restriction on employment, investment, and social and economic development should be removed this year, and enterprises would be given more power and space.

  • 我国将简化外资项目管理

    Our nation will simplify the management of foreign investment project


    From June 17, our nation will change the management of foreign investment project from the mode of general review to the mode of limited review and general filing, and, in the meantime, enhance the review regarding national security.

  • 统计局:外商投资企业工资水平最高

    Statistics Bureau: the wage level of foreign-invested enterprises is the highest


    Mr. Feng Nailin, Director of the Population and Employment Statistics Department of the National Statistics Bureau said when explaining the statistics of the average wage of 2013, the growth of employee's wage in our nation was slowing down, and the wage level of foreign-invested enterprises exceeded that of limited liability companies, being the highest among all types of enterprises.

  • 人社部:中国一季度失业人员略增加

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: the total unemployment in China increased in the first quarter


    Mr. Xin Changxing, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said recently, the rate of unemployment in the first quarter was 4.08%, increasing by 0.03% compared with the end of the last year. The total unemployment also increased, but was still low.

  • 粤全面放开本科生入户

    Guangdong is opened up for the residence registration of graduate with bachelor's degree


    Guangdong removed its restriction on the residence registration of graduate with bachelor's degree or above. Those graduates working and having domicile in Guangdong and with bachelor's degree or above may register their residence in the large- and medium-sized cities. If their place of residence registration is different from their actual domicile, they may change their residence registration to their domicile at any time.

  • 11.8%


    51job.com, a HR service supplier, released a survey report of overseas student's employment, showing that only 11.8% of the overseas Chinese student working in China are satisfied with their work, while 43.2% working outside China were satisfied with their work.

  • 10


    Zhilian Assessment Research Institute released a Survey Report of Career Mental Health in China in 2013, showing that employees joining work for 1 to 5 years are more probable to resign, and their work involvement and performance are relatively low. And employees joining work for more than 10 years are most unwilling to resign, and their work involvement and performance are the highest.

  • 3680


    A recently-released report named Survey of Employment Pressure of University Students in China in 2014 shows that the expected remuneration of university students this year reaches the 4-year's low, and the average monthly pay expected is 3680 yuan.

  • 70%


    According to a questionnaire of Hong Kong university students' employment expectations. 90% of the students are optimistic about the prospect of Chinese economy, and nearly 70% of them are willing to work and develop their career in Mainland China.

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