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#81  Jun 06, 2014    email version


Legal risks in "worst performer elimination"


In accordance with relevant provisions of the Labor Contract Law and the Regulations on the Implementation of the Labor Contract Law, the dissolution and termination of labor contracts must meet certain legal conditions, but "worst performer elimination" is not one of them. As a result, under China's current legal frame, the "worst performer elimination" system is illegal.

  • 如何应对“泡病假”员工
  • On "sick leave abuse" of employees
  • 针对“泡病假”的个别现象,企业可以从以下几个角度把控:第一,严格请假的流程和手续;第二,病假工资,尽量根据法定标准就低操作;第三,医疗期上,及时累计和处理。
  • The employing unit can control sick leave operations, especially "sick leave abuses" from the following dimensions: 1) strictly manage leave process and procedures; 2) adopt the minimal legal standards for salary during sick leave; 3) timely accumulate and handle the medical treatment period.
  • 拒签公司文件的员工如何处理?
  • On employee's refusal to sign corporate documents
  • 如果用人单位不能在无法直接送达、留置送达或经邮政部门查验登记并标明文件名称的特快专递送达,且又不能足以证明受送达人下落不明时,一律采取公告送达。
  • Where the employing unit cannot use the direct service, lien service or service by courier where the postal department inspects, registers and marks the document.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:第三产业吸纳38.5%就业人员

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: the tertiary industry takes in 38.5% of employees


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released some statistics recently, showing that the primary industry, the secondary industry and the tertiary industry respectively takes in 31.4%, 30.1% and 38.5% of the employees in our nation.

  • 北京:气温40℃以上用人单位应停止露天作业

    Beijing: employer shall suspend outdoor work when the temperature is higher than 40℃


    Beijing Administration of Work Safety recently issued an instruction on the work in Summer and high-temperature climate, requiring that employer shall suspend its employee's outdoor work when the daily maximum temperature exceeds 40℃, and, when the highest temperature is above 37℃ but lower than 40℃, the number of working hours for outdoor operation shall be less than 6 in total per day and outdoor work shall be suspended during 12:00 and 15:00.

  • 广东高温津贴6月起发放 每人每月150元

    Guangdong begins to issue high-temperature allowance since June, 150 yuan/person each month


    The Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province stated recently, the high-temperature allowance would be issued formally from June 1st. According to relevant regulations, from June to October, employer shall issue to its employee the high-temperature allowance of 150 yuan/person each month if employee works outdoors and employer cannot take effective measures to lower working place's temperature to below 33℃ (excluding 33℃).

  • 外来人口可攒分落户江苏

    Migrant resident may fulfill residence registration in Jiangsu based on points


    Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Government recently issued the Planning for New Type of Urbanization and Integration of Urban and Rural Development of Jiangsu Province (2014 - 2020), proposing to establish a residence registration policy on the basis of residence permit as well as the points accumulated based on length of service, residence, and participation in urban social security system.

  • 上海员工最欢迎免息房贷

    Interest-free house mortgage is most welcomed by employees in Shanghai


    A survey of Shanghai employees shows that, among those favorable benefits, Shanghai employees most welcome interest-free house mortgage, flexible working hours system and subsidy for further self-education. The rates are 26.3%, 25.7% and 22.2% respectively.

  • 9768


    The Statistics Bureau of Guangdong Province recently issued a statistics, revealing that the average annual salary of employee working for urban non-private sector in the province is 53318 yuan, with the financial industry being the highest, the monthly salary of which is 9768 yuan/month.

  • 7214


    Zhilian Recruitment recently released a Report of Enterprise's Nature, Size and Remuneration in 2014, showing that the monthly salary in Shanghai (7214 yuan) is the highest among Chinese cities, exceeding Beijing (6947 yuan, ranking the second) by around 300 yuan. Shenzhen's monthly salary is 6819 yuan, ranking the third.

  • 767.3


    The website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released a statistics recently, showing that, in 2013, 27 provinces adjusted their standards of unemployment insurance benefits. The average monthly unemployment insurance benefits of the nation is 767.3 yuan, increasing by 8.5%.

  • 88.2%


    The website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released a statistics recently, showing that, by the end of 2013, the rate of conclusion of labor contract with employee in our nation is 88.2%.

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