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#84  Jun 27, 2014    email version


Hot issues about personnel management of senior management


How to dissolute the labor contract with senior management in the way of negotiation in order to avoid judicial confrontation? How to protect the interests of the company by use of non-competition requirements?

  • 高级管理人员的工时管理
  • Working-hour management of senior management
  • 如何既保留高管人员的工作灵活性,又避免加班争议?如何防止工作时间的过度灵活,导致个别高管变相怠工?
  • How to both maintain the flexibility of senior management and avoid controversies over overtime working? How to avoid the excessive flexibility of working hours which may lead to disguised sabotage of senior management?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 证监会:员工持股不得超公司总股本10%

    CSRC: employees' shareholdings should not exceed 10% of their company's total equities


    Mr. Zhang Xiaojun, the spokesman of CSRC, said recently that CSRC would formulate and issue the Opinion on Pilot Program of Listed Company's Employee Shareholding, which would stipulate that the total number of stocks held based on listed company's valid employee shareholding program should not exceed 10% of the company's total equities.

  • “以房养老”试点正式启动

    The house-for-pension scheme is launched formally

    6月23日,保监会公布《中国保监会关于开展老年人住房反向抵押养老保险试点的指导意见》, “以房养老”试点正式启动。北京、上海、广州及武汉将自7月1日起试点。

    On June 23rd, CIRC promulgates the Instruction of CIRC on Pilot Scheme of Senior Citizen's Reverse Mortgage of House for Pension, which means the formal launch of the house-for-pension scheme. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan will commence such scheme as of July 1st.

  • 广州:金融领军人才落户将获百万安家费

    Guangzhou: leading talents in the financial sector may get a setting-in allowance of a million


    Guangzhou releases its policies of subsidy for high-level financial talents for the first time, which stipulate that the newly-introduced leading financial talents may get a one-time setting-in allowance of a million yuan, and those who have resided in Guangzhou may get a subsidy of 300 thousand yuan each year.

  • 北京公积金新政:每3个月可提一次

    New policy of Beijing on accumulation funds: one time of draw every three months is allowed


    Beijing Administration Center of Accumulation Funds released a new policy recently, stipulating that the accumulation funds may be applied for and drawn once every three months on the ground of renting house, in which case the funds accumulated in the previous three months may be drawn subject to monthly withdrawal not exceeding both the upper limit of monthly deposit and monthly rental.

  • 江苏:生育津贴标准将按单位职工月均工资计发

    Jiangsu: the standard of birth allowance will be calculated and issued based on employee's average monthly salary


    The executive meeting of Jiangsu Provincial Government deliberates and approves the Regulation on Employee's Birth Insurance of Jiangsu Province (draft), which stipulates for the first time that the birth allowance will be calculated and issued based on employee's maternity leave or vacation. The base number is employee's average monthly salary in the last year divided by 30.

  • 4170


    Beijing Administration Center of Accumulation Funds issued a notice recently, defining the upper limit, lower limit and rate of deposit of the housing accumulation funds in 2014, among which, the upper limit was increased to 4170 yuan and the rate was 12%.

  • 47%

    人才招聘网站英才网联近日推出“毕业季大学生求职状况调查”显示, 47%的人选择一线城市就业,53%的人希望去国企。

    Talents Network, a HR recruitment website, recently carried out a the Survey of Employment of University's Student in the Season of Graduation, showing that 47% of the students chose the first-tier cities for employment, and 53% hoped to go to state-owned enterprises.

  • 1708.35亿


    According to the statistics on the website of Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, by the end of 2013, the total assets of eight social insurance funds of Shanghai, including urban employee's basic endowment funds, employee's basic medical treatment funds, urban resident's basic medical treatment funds, unemployment funds, work-related injury funds and birth funds, reached 170.835 billion yuan.

  • 1.2万


    A survey of graduate's employment and remuneration in 2014 made in Hong Kong shows that the starting salary of Hong Kong's university graduates is 12 thousand yuan, while the construction sector gets the highest starting salary, the median of which is 17 thousand yuan.

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