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#86  Jul 11, 2014    email version


Is litigation on confirmation of labor relations bound by statute of limitations?


If the confirmation of labor relations is not bound by the statute of limitations, conflicts may arise among applicable laws and regulations, while workers may abuse the law to retaliate the employing unit, thereby further deteriorating labor relations.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 税务总局:参与境外投资企业需报告信息资料

    SAT: the enterprise participating in overseas investment should report its information and documents


    SAT recently issued a public notice to standardize resident enterprise's overseas investment as well as the content and format of the report of its income information. The notice expressly stipulated that the resident enterprise participating in overseas investment should report its related information and documents to tax authorities.

  • 上海:外国人持永久居留证可在本市参保领驾照

    Shanghai: foreigner may participate in social security system and obtain driving license in Shanghai against his/her permanent resident permit


    Shanghai promulgated a policy recently, stipulating that any foreigner holding the Foreigner's Permanent Resident Permit of China and working in Shanghai may, according to relevant state and this city's regulations, participate in various social insurances and enjoy the same national treatment as a Chinese citizen in respect of applying for and obtaining driving license and completing motor vehicle registration.

  • 广州公积金贷款新政再征意见 仍不予二次贷款

    The second time of opinions-seeking for Guangzhou’s new policies of housing provident fund loans still prohibits second-time mortgage


    The second exposure draft of the so-called “strictest new policies of housing provident fund loans in the history” of Guangzhou was released recently to seek further opinions. Compared with the first draft at the end of March, the provision concerning prohibition of the second-time mortgage for those who have used housing provident fund loan, which was the most concern of employees, was reserved.

  • 深圳:在家即可完成企业登记开公司

    Shenzhen: company registration can be fulfilled at home


    From July 1st, Shenzhen formally launches its on-line commercial registration for the full course of the business, which is the first city adopting this mode in the nation. Applicant can fulfill all the commercial registration formalities on line for registration, alteration and filing of enterprise, and may obtain business license within 3 working days when passing the examination.

  • 江苏:10月起所有职工全享生育保险

    Jiangsu: all employees will enjoy maternity insurance as of October


    Jiangsu Human Resources and Social Security Department reveals that, as of Oct. 1st, Jiangsu Province will formally implement the Regulation on Employee’s Maternity Insurance of Jiangsu Province. A highlight of this new regulation is to include all the employers and employees into the coverage of maternity insurance, including the foreigners working in Jiangsu.

  • 17379


    As revealed by the Management Center of Beijing Housing Provident Fund Loan, according to relevant regulations, the monthly repayment of the applicant for the loan, whose average monthly income exceeds 3 times (inclusive) of the average level of Beijing, i.e. 17379 yuan (inclusive), shall not be lower than 50% of his/her monthly income in principle.

  • 5036


    According to the latest news from Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the average wages of the employees in Shanghai in 2013 is 60435 yuan, increasing by 7.3% compared with the last year. Based on this calculation, the average monthly income of the employees in Shanghai in 2013 is 5036 yuan.

  • 5218


    Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau states, from July 1st, the base number of this city’s social security contribution and benefit repayment is adjusted. The average monthly salary of this city’s employee in the last year is calculated as 5218 yuan.

  • 607万


    As revealed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the newly-added number of employees in our nation’s urban area reached 6.07 million for the first 5 months of this year, and the overall situation of employment in the first half of this year was stable.

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