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#89  Aug 01, 2014    email version


Legal risk control in resignation by the employees


For malicious resignation, it is submitted that the employing unit should establish the “work-first-pay-later” payroll approach, and a system for giving up bonus without fulfilling the notice period.

  • 协商解除的法律风险把控
  • Legal risk control in negotiated dissolution
  • 实践中,协商解除补偿金标准往往需要高于法定标准,才可推动协商解除协议的达成。
  • In practice, the criteria for economic compensation for the negotiated dissolution of labor contract have been set higher than the statutory standard; otherwise the dissolution cannot be reached.
  • 特殊员工保护需注意是否符合条件
  • Certain conditions should be met in protection of special employee
  • 不得解除合同的长工龄员工需要同时符合两个条件:第一,在本单位连续工作满十五年;第二,距离法定退休年龄不满五年。
  • The employee with long length of service shall conform to two conditions before acquiring special legal protection and preventing employer from canceling labor contract with him/her: first, working for employer for 15 consecutive years; second, being less than five years from his/her statutory retirement age.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:8月起养老金异地取现将免部分手续费

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: withdrawal of pension at different place will be free of some fee from August


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently released a message, stating that as of Aug. 1st of this year, retiree's withdrawal of his/her pension for the first 2 times (less than or equal to 2500 yuan each time) in each month from his/her account of basic pension will be exempted from relevant fee for withdrawal from the same bank at a different place.

  • 人社部:退休后患职业病可享工伤保险待遇

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: employee suffering from occupational disease after retiring may enjoy the benefit of work-related injury insurance.


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has published its Opinions on Several Issues of Implementing the Regulation of Work-Related Injury Insurance, specifying that the employee, who has had access to occupational hazard and hasn't accessed to it again, may apply for affirmation of work-related injury even if s/he has retired or canceled his/her labor contract.

  • 长沙合肥南昌武汉社保将互通

    The social security systems in Changsha, Hefei, Nanchang and Wuhan will be linked together


    The first consultation meeting for integration of the social security systems in urban agglomeration in the middle reach of Yangtze River. i.e. the four provincial capitals, was held in Wuhan recently. Changsha, Hefei, Nanchang, and Wuhan have reached consensus and signed cooperation agreement, and will cooperate with each other in respect of social security, employment and starting business, and assessment of talent etc. The social security systems in these four cities are linked together for their residents , and who may transfer their social security accounts across different places without any barriers.

  • 广州:社区转诊报销拟惠10%

    Guangzhou: the reimbursement for the medical treatment transferred from community will be given a discount of 10%


    The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Guangzhou recently sought for public opinions for the two policies concerning employee's benefit for general medical treatment and certain items in it. In order to increase the rate of medical treatment in community, the reimbursement for the medical treatment transferred from community will be given a discount of 10%.

  • 广州:集体户户口挂靠街道年内试点

    Guangzhou: collective registered residence will be attached to community in this year


    The executive meeting of Guangzhou government has discussed and passed the Implementation Rules of Regulation on Immigration of Registered Residence to Guangzhou, specifying that Guangzhou will start to establish public collective residence in some of the communities (towns), which can register resident based on his/her actual place of living and work, and will be rolled out when relevant conditions are met.

  • 38.9%


    The latest Survey Report of the Best Employer for Chinese University Graduates shows that, up to May, 2014, there were still 38.9% of graduates didn't sign labor contract. Compared with this severe employment situation, 77% of them expected their remuneration to be from 4000 to 5999.

  • 56%


    Manpower, a transnational HR consultancy, recently released its annual Survey Report of Talent Shortage, stating that over 50% of Hong Kong employers considered it difficult to hire talents, especially sales, accounting and IT talents, who are the most difficult to hire in Hong Kong.

  • 10亿


    In the last ten-day period of July, the Management Center of Provident Fund of Guangzhou issued a restrictive policy, strictly limiting the monthly loan ceiling under 1 billion in the second half of this year. This means the applicant for loan will have to wait once the loan ceiling is reached.

  • 5%


    According to the result of the Survey of Employee's Intention of Job-Hopping for the second quarter of 2014 made by 51job.com, the intention of job-hopping decreased compared with the first quarter, and decreased by 5% compared with the same period of the last year.

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