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#9  Dec 07, 2012    email version


Can an Employer Unilaterally Terminate The Employment Contract With a Pregnant Female Employee?


The Company terminated the employment contract with the female employee for her violation of the rules of the staff handbook. But the female employee refused to accept this termination because she thought she was in the period of pregnancy and thus the Company had no right to unilaterally terminate her employment contract. This dispute reveals a common misconception that no matter in what case the employer has no right to unilaterally terminate the employment contract with female employees during pregnant period or within the maternity leave or post-natal period.

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  • 广东正式立法:单位不准对员工罚款扣钱

    Official Legislation in Guangdong: No Cash Penalty for Employees


    The newly amended Guangdong Labor Security Supervision Regulation has been approved by voting. From May 1st next year, employers shall receive warning if there is cash penalty in the regulation of employers, while unjustified deduction of payment will be fined with a standard above 2000 Yuan and below 5000 Yuan according to the number of employees who have been punished with cash penalty.

  • 香港男性有望获三天侍产假

    Possible Three Days of Care Leave for HK Male Employees


    Hong Kong Labor Consulting Committee has recently convened a meeting, which conveys an idea that male employees will be entitled for a care leave of three days. And four fifth of salary within this period can still be paid to male employees.

  • 天津、浙江、湖北“营改增”试点正式启动

    Business Tax to VAT Conversion Pilot Projects Launched in Tianjin, Zhejiang and Hubei


    In December 1st, business tax to VAT conversion pilot projects were successfully launched in Tianjin, Zhejiang Province, Hubei Province and Ningbo, which is the last batch of cities and provinces to be covered by the pilot projects.

  • 9.3%


    Tower Watson Consulting Group recently unveils the report towards the overall sector’s remuneration survey report in 2012. In 2013, the average salary increase margin is 9.3%, a moderate decrease than the actual figure of 9.6% in 2012.

  • 21.9%


    According to the latest career report generated by 51job, in 2012, the turnover rate of employees who are born after 1985 reaches 21.9%, which is higher than the overall ratio of 16.7% among various kinds of employees.

  • 3.5


    Latest research from Hay Corporation has shown that in the last ten years, the average cash remuneration level (including basic salary and bonus) among senior managers in the emerging market has recorded rapid growth. And the surge margin for China registers a growth of 3.5 times, ranking the first in the list.

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