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#93  Aug 29, 2014    email version


What are the pros and cons to list Employee Handbook and other rules and regulations as annexes of the labor contract?


It is not recommended that employing units list rules and regulations as annexes of labor contract. Instead, they should let the employee sign the rules and regulations at the same time when the employee signs the labor contract.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 最高法:下班回家顺道买菜出意外算工伤

    Supreme People's Court: injury caused by accident when buying vegetables on the way home from work falls within work-related injury


    The Supreme People's Court recently gave further detailed explanations of "the way to and from work" in the identification of work-related injury, in which "reasonable time" and "reasonable route" became key elements. For instance, when employee buys some vegetables on his/her way home from work, his/her route falls within the "reasonable route".

  • 国务院推动落实带薪年休假

    State Council promoted and implemented paid annual leave


    Recently, the State Council proposed to attach the system of paid annual leave to the agenda of various local governments, promoting administrative organs, public institutions and enterprises to accelerate the implementation of such system. Encourage employee to arrange his/her paid annual leave flexibly and in sections based on his/her personal needs and actual work.

  • 国务院公布《企业信息公示暂行条例》

    State Council promulgated the Interim Regulation on Disclosure of Enterprise Information


    Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, recently endorsed an order of the State Council, promulgating the Interim Regulation on Disclosure of Enterprise Information. The Regulation establishes a system of disclosure of enterprise's annual report and a real-time disclosure system, and proposes to establish a system of spot check, a list of abnormal business operation and a list of enterprises seriously violating the law. The Regulation will be implemented from Oct. 1st, 2014.

  • 人社部:各地各部门不得自行设置国家职业资格

    Ministry of Human Recourses and Social Security: local governments and agencies shall not establish national vocational qualification


    The Ministry of Human Recourses and Social Security recently issued a notice, stipulating that any newly-established national vocational qualification in the future must be submitted to the Ministry of Human Recourses and Social Security of the State Council for unified national planning and management, and various local governments and agencies shall not establish national vocational qualification at its own option.

  • 广东:外来工回乡可一次性领取失业保险金

    Guangdong: migrant worker may draw unemployment insurance benefits for one time when returning hometown


    Guangdong recently issued a regulation on calculation of one-time withdrawal of unemployment insurance benefits, stipulating that the unemployed without the registered residence of Guangdong Province but conforming to relevant conditions, who propose not to receive the insurance benefits monthly at the place where they participate the insurance and not to transfer the relationship of unemployment insurance, may apply to withdraw the insurance benefits for one time.

  • 30%


    According to some media reports, the preliminary plan of remuneration adjustment for major leaders of centrally-administered SOEs has been drafted and exposed for public opinions, which is led by the Ministry of Human Recourses and Social Security and attended by several ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Finance. A major proposition of this plan is to decrease the current wages of the leaders of centrally-administered SOEs and state-owned financial enterprises by around 30%.

  • 50%


    A survey made by the Ministry of Human Recourses and Social Security shows that the rate of implementation of is about 50%, and the rate is relatively higher in Party and government organizations, public institutions, large-sized SOEs, and foreign owned enterprises.

  • 25%


    The list of Forbes top 100 global innovative enterprises in 2014 was released recently, among which, Asian enterprises accounted for 1/4, with 7 Japanese enterprises, which were the most. Master Kong, Tencent, and Baidu also appeared on this list.

  • 20%


    According to Wall Street Journal, the major banks on the Wall Street, such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, CitiGroup, and Morgan Stanley etc., are planning or considering to increase the wages of their junior employees. This round of wages increase mainly centers on basic wages other than year-end bonus, with the increase rate being 20% to 25%.

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