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Is it feasible for the company to transfer an employee's post through institutional arrangement?


Does the case belong to changes of objective circumstances? Is it feasible that the company prescribes the right of unilateral post adjustment in relevant rules and regulations? What is the optimal way of handling post adjustment? What should be noted in the handling of post adjustment?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:无法律依据职业资格许可明年全部取消

    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Licensing for Vocational Qualifications without Legal Basis Will All Be Cancelled Next Year


    Officials with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security revealed that the licensing for another batch of vocational qualifications will be cancelled in November this year, and the licensing for all vocational qualifications will be basically cancelled within next year. Earlier, the State Council has cancelled the licensing and certification for 58 vocational qualifications in two batches.

  • 广州深圳被列入全国养老改革试点地区

    Guangzhou and Shenzhen Are Enlisted in Pilot Areas for Endowment Reforms


    The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Development and Reform Commission have recently specified 42 areas as comprehensive pilot areas for national endowment services, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These pilot areas will carry out reforms around 8 aspects, covering the guidance of social forces to participate in the provision of endowment services.

  • 上海:养“单独二孩”也可享生育保险

    Shanghai: Couples with Either Side Being the Only Child Can Enjoy the Maternity Insurance During the Birth of Their Second Child

    上海近日公布《上海市申请享受生育保险待遇计划生育情况审核办法》,从今年10月1日起,“单独二孩”生育也可享受生育保险待遇。《办法》 从今年10月1日起实施,有效期5年。

    Shanghai recently promulgated the Methods of Shanghai on the Review and Approval of Family Planning Situations Regarding Those Applying for Maternity Insurance Treatment. According to the document, couples with either side being the only child are also entitled to maternity insurance treatment when giving birth to their second child from October 1 onwards. The document hereof will be enacted from October 1 and has a validity period of 5 years.

  • 上海:公积金每月可提2000元付房租

    Shanghai: RMB 2000 Can Be Withdrawn from the House Provident Fund Each Month to Pay Rents

    上海市近期对提取住房公积金有关政策进行了调整,新办法指出,提取公积金支付保障性住房外的其他住房房租,每月最高提取金额将由1000元提高至 2000元。

    Shanghai has recently adjusted policies on the withdrawal of house provident fund, stating that up to RMB 2000 can be withdrawn from the house provident fund each month to pay for rents of other types of houses beyond the low-income housing. The number used to be RMB 1000.

  • 广州:9月1日起可享大病保险 不用额外交钱

    Guangzhou: Residents Can Enjoy Critical Illness Insurance without Extra Payment from September 1


    Guangzhou will initiate the critical illness insurance early from September 1 for its urban residents; that is, residents can enjoy critical illness insurance up to RMB 120,000 without any extra payment, provided that the resident has contributed urban and rural medical insurances in September to December of this year as well as in 2015.

  • 14496


    Jiangsu Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department recently released a notice, increasing the lower limit and upper limit of monthly contribution base from last year's RMB 2564 and RMB 12820 to RMB 2899 and RMB 14496, respectively.

  • 90%


    Chongqing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently released a notice to clarify standards for the reimbursement of single illnesses. Wherein, in-service workers who are currently contributing medical insurance can have 90% medical costs reimbursed at level-1 hospitals, 87% at level-2 hospitals, and 85% at level-3 hospitals. Retirees who have contributed medical insurance can have 95% of their medical costs reimbursed, regardless of the level of the hospital.

  • 1.17%

    2014年三季度中欧博尔捷招聘指数报告显示,历经连续两个季度招聘指数的持续上升之后,本季度预期招聘指数曲线出现下行拐点,全国综合招聘指数为 +1.17%,系近年来的最低值,与上季度(+2.07%)相比,环比下降近 43.48%,与去年同期 +1.19% 相比,同比下降 2.52%。

    According to the CEIBS - BRIDGE HR Recruitment Index Report of Q3 2014, after two consecutive quarters of growth, the recruitment index curve of this quarter will see a downward inflection point. The national comprehensive recruitment index is +1.17%, the lowest in recent years, decreasing by 43.48% compared with last quarter (+2.07%) and by 2.52% compared with same period of last year (+1.19%).

  • 30%


    Some media reports that the remuneration adjustment program for primary managers of central enterprises has been drafted under the leaderships of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the participation of the Ministry of Finance as well as other ministries, and will start to solicit opinions. A main suggestion of the program is to cut the remuneration of primary managers of central enterprises and state-owned financial enterprises to around 30% of their existing level.

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