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#97  Sep 26, 2014    email version


How should possible defamation cases be avoided in HR management?


Managers should not make comments or handle employees in any emails, letters, announcements or other written materials when the evidences are insufficient. For example, "incompetent", "absenteeism", "expelled", and other words with derogatory meaning should be avoided, as they can be held against the company.

  • 构成诽谤、名誉侵权的标准是什么?
  • What are the standards to constitute libel and defamation?
  • 侵权人的行为是否构成诽谤或名誉侵权关键不仅是看其语言是否真实,并且还要看其言论是否有贬损性的含义,并且此种贬损导致了对原告的社会评价降低。
  • It can be seen that whether the infringer's act constitutes libel or defamation depends on not only whether the statement is true, but also on whether such statement has derogatory meaning and such derogation leads to lowered social evaluation on the plaintiff.
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  • 国务院:月销售额3万元以内小微企业暂免营业税、增值税

    State Council: the small and micro businesses with monthly sales of less than 30 thousand yuan will be exempted from business tax and VAT


    An executive meeting of the State Council held recently further determined to exempt, from Oct. 1st of this year to the end of 2015, the small and micro businesses with monthly sales from 20 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan from business tax and VAT besides those small and micro businesses, privately-owned businesses and individuals that had been exempted previously.

  • 我国专业技术人五年新增860万人

    Our nation's professional and technical talents increased by 8.60 million in the past five years


    According to the latest statistics, in the past five years, our nation's professional and technical talents increased by 8.60 million. Post-doctoral personnel increased by nearly 60 thousand. 1.0557 million overseas students returned to the country and 9.4515 million people have obtained professional and technical qualifications.

  • 中国劳动工资同比增长

    The labor wages in China increase year on year


    A blue paper released recently on China's labor protection showed that, in 2013, the average annual salary of urban non-private sector's employee in our nation was 51474, increasing by 10.1% year on year, and the average annual salary of private sector was 32706, nominally increasing by 13.8% year on year. The nominal increasing rate of wages remained double-digit. The average monthly salary of migrant rural workers was 2609 yuan, increasing by 13.9%.

  • 广州:公积金免税缴存基数上限提至17424元

    Guangzhou: the upper limit of tax-free contribution to provident fund is increased to 17424 yuan


    Guangzhou Local Tax Bureau revealed recently that, as the statistics of the average monthly salary of the urban non-private sector's employee of Guangzhou in 2013 was released, the upper limit of this city's tax-free contribution to provident fund is accordingly increased to 17424 yuan.

  • 深圳:严重欠薪行为将纳入征信系统

    Shenzhen: the credit rating system will apply to the act of serious back pay


    The Implementation Rules of the Regulation Guarantee of Wages of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone will be implemented as of Oct. 1st. Employer's serious back pay will be incorporated in the credit rating system for Shenzhen's enterprises and individuals.

  • 8.3%


    CIIC, a HR service provider, recently issued a survey report of remuneration and welfare in 2014, showing that 78% of the enterprises in Shanghai have completed their annual adjustment of remuneration by far, with an average increase of 8.3%, 5% lower than the last year. The increasing rate of the next year is expected to decrease by 1% further.

  • 72.9%


    The Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily conducted an opinion poll with a topic of "how do you think of welfare", showing that 72.9% of interviewees would take employer's welfare into consideration when looking for a job, and 71.5% of them considered that the most significant effect of welfare in the current society is to bring warmth to employee.

  • 55.4%


    Zhilian Recruitment recently publish a survey results, showing that the job-hopping rate of white-collar workers reached a small peak in the fall of 2014. Among the employees born after 90s, 55.4% had the intention to change their job (including those who were starting a new job/resigning, updated their resumes, and intended to do so).

  • 8500万


    Recently, SNL, a US financial magazine, issued a survey report of the remuneration of the management, showing that, among the senior officers of the stock brokers and assets management agencies in the world, Mario Gabelli, GAMCO's founder and CEO has become the Wallstreet guy with the highest remuneration, whose salary reached 85 million USD in 2013.

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